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90 Days Acne Clearing Bootcamp

We adhere to the Face Reality Acne Boot Camp regimen for treating and eliminating acne, boasting an impressive 95% success rate!

90 Days Acne Clearing Boot Camp

typically spans 3 to 6 months and requires your dedicated commitment to using only the recommended acne-safe products and making necessary adjustments to your diet, lifestyle, makeup, etc. This program has a proven track record of success, boasting a remarkable 95% success rate. Many participants experience notable improvements within the first 12 weeks!

About 90 Days Acne Clearing Bootcamp

Acne presents as a perplexing condition, yet it is evident that effective management is achievable through the precise utilization of tailored products. Similar to addressing a clogged drain, the pore necessitates treatment with products that clear blockages, prevent their recurrence, and combat acne-causing bacteria. The 90 Days Acne Clearing Bootcamp equips individuals with the necessary tools and treatments to accomplish precisely this.

Specializing in the treatment of moderate to severe forms of inflamed, non-inflamed, and combination acne, the 90 Days Acne Clearing Bootcamp offers a comprehensive system designed to attain clear skin within approximately three to four months, depending on the specific type of acne. This approach integrates clinical-grade home-care products personalized to one’s acne type and skin, alongside a series of bi-monthly or monthly treatments aimed at facilitating skin clearance. Moreover, the program educates participants about other contributing factors exacerbating breakouts, such as dietary choices, medications, cosmetics, stress, and common pore-clogging ingredients prevalent in skincare formulations, including professional and prescription products.

Following a thorough analysis of your skin and a comprehensive skin test conducted during your initial treatment, we meticulously select home-care products specifically formulated for acne-prone skin, ensuring they are guaranteed not to exacerbate pore blockages. Consistent use of these designated products, both morning and night, in conjunction with in-spa treatments, promises to yield the desired outcome of clear skin that you have been aspiring towards.


IMPORTANT: If you are not considering the 90 Days Acne Clearing Boot Camp Program but still require an acne-focused facial, we recommend selecting the 60-minute ‘Block of Time’ option. This will allocate sufficient time to address your specific concerns. When scheduling online, please indicate in the ‘notes’ section that you are requesting an acne-focused facial. If booking by phone, kindly inform the individual assisting with your appointment that you require a facial tailored for acne treatment, excluding the Face Reality program.

How Does It Work?

‘The 90 Days Acne Clearing Boot Camp spans a duration of 3 to 6 months, contingent upon your commitment to utilizing exclusively prescribed acne-safe products and making adjustments to your diet, lifestyle, makeup, etc. This program has demonstrated a remarkable success rate of 95%, with many individuals experiencing significant improvement within the initial 12 weeks.


Specifically Formulated Acne Products

We employ skincare products meticulously formulated for acne-prone skin, ensuring they are guaranteed not to cause pore blockages.


Together, we embark on a comprehensive exploration to identify all factors contributing to your breakouts, encompassing both external and internal triggers. Individuals predisposed to acne often contend with systemic issues, necessitating investigative efforts. We delve into dietary considerations, pinpointing foods known to exacerbate acne. Furthermore, we examine supplements that may aggravate or ameliorate the condition. Certain medications, such as specific birth control pills, can also inadvertently exacerbate acne as a side effect.


We address lifestyle factors that may exacerbate acne susceptibility. For instance, individuals engaged in activities like swimming, where exposure to chlorine is prevalent, or athletes prone to breakouts where helmets make contact, will receive tailored guidance on preventive measures and necessary adjustments to mitigate acne triggers.


Your esthetician/acne specialist serves as your 'Acne Coach,' providing unwavering support on your journey towards achieving clear skin. We recognize the emotional toll acne can exact and understand the importance of collaborative efforts in overcoming challenges. Together, we strive towards your goal of clear, healthy skin!'

what do we expect from you?


Exclusively adhere to the use of products recommended by our esthetician/acne specialist as part of our program. This entails receiving a series of acne treatments alongside daily application of the homecare products endorsed by our team. Upon committing to our acne program, you will refrain from using any products not recommended by us.


Your willingness to receive and heed our guidance is imperative. Our expertise lies in clearing acne, and we continuously educate ourselves to keep you and our clients informed about the latest advancements and findings concerning acne.


The key to your success lies in faithfully adhering to your daily routine as instructed by our team. Deviating from this routine or seeking shortcuts may hinder progress. If impatience or a tendency to alter routines independently describes you, our program may not be suitable. It's essential to note that this Boot Camp typically spans 3 to 6 months, contingent upon the severity and type of acne.


Expect some degree of dryness and flakiness as a result of acne treatment. Such side effects are common, so it's essential to anticipate and manage them during the program.


Our 'Acne Boot Camp' is a tried-and-tested program for acne control, contingent upon your unwavering commitment. If you're prepared to commit fully upon scheduling your appointment, we are equally prepared to support you wholeheartedly. While the journey may initially seem daunting, it will soon become an integral part of your daily routine. With dedication, your acne will be under control once and for all in just a few short months. We're eager to embark on this journey with you and extend our full support every step of the way.

Considering Our Acne Bootcamp?


If using Retin A®, Differen, Renova or any other prescription medications for exfoliating/anti-aging or medication for Rosacea, you will need to discontinue using 14 days prior to coming in. If using Accutane, you need to stop taking 3 months before you start the program. If you are pregnant or nursing, you need to have your doctor’s OK before you start the program. ​Some treatments and products in this facial are not advised.

CONSULTATION & SKIN TEST (NO acne treatment)

Duration: 60 minutes | Price: $65

This session exclusively offers consultation and skin testing without any acne treatment.

During this time, we’ll delve into various aspects of your skincare routine, acne history, lifestyle, dietary habits, and medications. Additionally, we’ll conduct a thorough skin cleansing, analysis, and sensitivity test. This option caters to individuals who may still be uncertain about committing to our program. It serves as an ideal opportunity to gain insight into our acne treatment approach and acquaint yourself with your dedicated esthetician/acne coach.


Duration: 90 minutes | Price: $95

This comprehensive session involves an in-depth discussion covering your skincare routine, previous procedures, skin analysis, and sensitivity testing. Our expert team will provide valuable insights into suitable products, dietary recommendations, supplements, and medications. The acne treatment encompasses cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, personalized acne products, LED light therapy, and detailed guidance on the correct usage of recommended products.

Additionally, preliminary photographs will be taken solely for your personal file to monitor your progress effectively.


Duration: 45-60 mins. / $80


Duration: 45-60 mins. / $68 (+ 10% Off products while on program)  

In order to effectively manage your acne, it’s essential that we regularly monitor your progress and potentially modify your homecare regimen every two weeks or on a monthly basis. At the outset of each visit, we’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your skin to determine the most appropriate treatment and assess any necessary adjustments to your personalized homecare routine. Consistent bi-weekly evaluations are crucial to track your progress and observe how your skin responds to the treatment. Many individuals experience notable improvement within 8 to 12 weeks.

During your visits, we will:

  • Assess your skin and progress
  • Administer exfoliation through methods such as Chemical Peels or Enzymes
  • Perform extractions
  • Apply customized Acne Products
  • Utilize Acne Clearing LED Light Therapy
  • Discuss and make adjustments to your Home Care routine

Additionally, you have the option to include additional treatment areas such as the chest or shoulders for an extra fee of $50 each. Back treatment can be booked as a standalone session or added on to another treatment area for $95. Moreover, clients enrolled in the bi-weekly program are entitled to a 10% discount on all Face Reality Acne Products.