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Skincare With Priscilla


Put an end to the guessing game when it comes to finding the right products, treatments or regimen for skin needs. With our online consultation, you will get access to our expert skincare consultant and CEO, Priscilla Omoifo. She will evaluate your skin, skincare routine and make expert recommendations that will works for your unique skin need.


Not sure which skin care products and/or treatments will take care of those pesky skin conditions and concerns? No problem! We’re here to help! Take advantage of this complimentary mini skin consultation with our skin coach. she’ll clarify your skin goals and guide you to the products and services that are ideal for your unique skin.


STEP #1: Click on the “Start Skin Consultation Now button” so you’ll be taken to an online questionnaire to start the process and tell me about your skin.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to attach a clear picture of your facial skin or/and any problem area without makeup or filters, this will allow me to have a true picture of the state of your skin. Take picture with light facing you, shinning towards your face, not behind you so I can see your skin clearly.

STEP #2: We will contact you via email within 72hrs after we have assessed your skin. You will get a skincare solution report with a customized AM & PM homecare protocol that will help you achieve your healthy skin goals with recommendations for improving your skin and reaching your goal.

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A Deluxe In-Depth Skin Consultation with 30 Days Skin Monitoring & Coaching Service To Improve Your Skin’s Appearance and Stop Blemishes

Over time, our skin begins to reveal the deeper, more concerning issues that environment, lifestyle and health choices have contributed to. In order to understand and manage the more complex skin conditions like acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and deep lines & wrinkles, it requires a more comprehensive approach to skin health.

The Virtual In-Depth Skin Assessment, Home Care & Treatment Planning service is designed to identify your skin goals and create impactful change by taking the time to hone in on your specific skin conditions, concerns and triggers, and create a customized home care and in-clinic treatment plan that delivers on the results you’ve been waiting for.

WHO IS THIS FOR? People who are looking for real and sustainable result with expert support and have more complex skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation and deep lines & wrinkles. These conditions require a deeper assessment and patient education that our Virtual Skin Mini Consult can provide.


– One payment of N35,000 includes an in-depth consultation with Priscilla.

– 45mins Zoom video call to discuss your skin issues

– Personalized skincare regimen and recommendations

– Step by Step product use with custom protocol

– Email support for 30 days to answer any questions.


After payment. You will be redirected to an online form to complete that assesses your skin condition and how we can give you tailored recommendations.

We’ll also request a few photos to get an in-depth look at your skin (don’t worry, nobody sees them but priscilla).

Price: N35,000